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The Unmanned

Grab, pay & go! Wundermart is the 24/7 unmanned data-driven marketplace with a wide range of products. For any time of the day.

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The wundermart payment system

Ultimate payment convenience for the guest and the brain of the shop. An ideal, smart self-scan payment interface, automatic registration of revenue and automatic stock management.

Monitoring technology

Wundermart is watching and tracking all the time. The cameras in the shop ensure security and monitor guests’ buying behaviour.

DynamiC pricing

Adjust the digital price of your product range, anytime and anywhere. It's so easy in My Wundermart. Smart data and sophisticated algorithms respond to supply and demand. This to ensure an optimum pricing strategy, allow for relevant promotions and minimise food waste.

Optional modules

Meals Station - Don’t be hangry! It’s finally time for a healthy dinner after a long day at work.

Coffee Corner – A coffee to go is always a good idea. Made with sustainably roasted beans.

Breakfast Corner – Celebrate the first meal of the day with our easy breakfast on-the-go. Croissants, yoghurt and fresh fruit!

Second screen POS communication

Discount! You can send your offer or deal of the day to the narrowcasting screen in the shop with just one click in My Wundermart.

Automatic Restocking

All the logistics are arranged. Our suppliers automatically stock the shelves with products. With all operational aspects taken out of your hands, from automatic shop replenishment to payment handling, running your shop is made easy, fun and profitable.

The wunder

Your personal Wundermart portal, available on any device. This provides you with insights into the range and the performance of your shop.

Customer Happiness Rating

Service = key! With the retail-enabling software’s sophisticated algorithms, we implement smart promotions and loyalty campaigns for guests.

Top 10
best-selling products

You receive a detailed overview of the bestselling products and suggestions for improved purchasing every month. Playing shop is easy and fun!

Game on!

You can decide yourself how actively involved you are in My Wundermart. Do you want to switch a slow selling product? Maybe introduce a different pricing strategy or actively run promotions? You are in control with My Wundermart. If you’d prefer to focus on other things, switch to Autopilot and Wundermart will run your shop as optimally as possible.