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Ever since the birth of Wundermart we have been on a mission. To challenge the status quo in retail and bring back shops to the heart of communities. In that sense, the term Wunder captures the essence of our company. Our rocket fuel is seeing new opportunities to create solutions that make a positive difference to the world.

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Jutter Speijs enters the market and opens its first 24/7 smart hotel lobby shop in the Netherlands


Our smart solution goes international for the first time and enters hotels in key cities in Germany


Growth continues as we add more small convenience shops in hotels, now also in Antwerp and Brussels


Jutter Speijs rebrands to Wundermart and with new investors on board growth starts to accelerate


In quick succession countries are opened. Starting with the UK where we enter the greater London area


Our first distribution centre opens in Amsterdam, allowing us to deliver to shops faster and more often


As a result of our succes in other countries, we expand and open Austria and France in the same month


With more than 200 shops in 6 countries, we start to enable more F&B solutions for our hotel customers.

A network of hotel shops.

Our shop technology is currently making F&B revenue for the world’s biggest hotel owners, brands and operators in Europe. With more than 200 shops across the UK, Germany, France, Benelux, and Austria, we are the leading provider of autonomous retail solutions in hotels. And we're adding new cities and countries to our network all the time. So reach out if you want to know where we will launch next.

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The green dot.

All initiatives that are focused on reducing the impact of our business on the environment are consolidated in our sustainability program the Green Dot.We are continually looking for ways to reduce waste, plastics, and CO2 in and around our shops. If you want to find out how we are doing against our targets in this area, let us know.

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